The best plans are worthless without implementation

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We are different.

We help financial services firms find the right partners to deliver change

Banks and Financial Services businesses worldwide are embracing the opportunities offered by emerging and digital technologies. In the past, when new skills and capabilities were needed, businesses would turn to a short and well-defined list of suitable partners - today businesses face many more choices than ever before. 

Pacemakers is here to simplify and accelerate the process through which banks and financial services businesses find the best partner to help them deliver their digital strategies.


Our process



user needs

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Identify targets

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Engage partners


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Map user needs

We begin with in-depth interviews with stakeholders to identify the characteristics of the end goal. Understanding our clients’ objectives, circumstances and experience enables us to identify which set of skills are required to deliver the best outcome.


Identify targets

We build a custom taxonomy of the relevant ecosystem based on our clients’ requirements, providing a real whole-of-market perspective when making decisions. We leverage advanced search and data analytics to extract and analyse profiling data to rate and score how targets meet client requirements

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Engage partners

We provide our clients with detailed profiles of the partners most suited to their need. We then support our clients to engage with the selected partners to select the ideal partner with the awareness that their decision is a whole-of-market perspective.


Core principles


We base our offering on four pillars

Our proposition is focussed on delivering value in the most timely and cost effective format.

We aim to provide our clients with a comprehensive perspective on selecting the acquisition targets, partners or suppliers best suited to their requirements.



Personalised approach

The ideal partner is one that offers the best fit with our clients’ requirements.

We use client-specific taxonomies  to categorise any digital FS ecosystem, to ensure the selected providers are those with the best possible fit.


Whole of
market view

We review and evaluate providers of digital financial services solutions worldwide and offer a whole-of-market view of emerging technologies.

We enhance this data with the insight of C-suite and Partner level advisors. 



Network of specialists

Our team has proven track records in driving large scale digital transformation, gained by working with financial services firms that range from finTech start-ups to global multinational banks and everything in between. 

We are continually investing in the extensive networks of our senior team.



We do not have our own digital solutions to push. Our only objective is to enable our clients to find the best partner for the task at hand.

Our client fees are our only income and that guarantees our independence.


Our perspective

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Unlike many other advisors we have opinions.

And we like these to be challenged - so we often write articles and speak publicly.

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Our Clients


These are some of the clients we have served in the recent months.

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Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.
— John F. Kennedy