Our Offering

Three Different Deliverables


Partners Search

Help clients identify, engage and sign-up the right partner

Our process:

  • Define requirements with in-depth client audits engaging key stakeholders and decision makers

  • Conduct a whole-of-market search of potential partners

  • Work with our client to define a short-list

  • Support client in engagement and on-boarding


Ecosystem Scan

Define and map relevant trends, propositions & partners

Our process:

  • Profile market trends and disruption affecting the areas of focus

  • Define specific propositions and threats arising from the trends selected

  • Identify specific potential targets for acquisition, collaboration or partnership


Market Entry

Design bespoke plan to enter new markets

Our process

  • Identify potential markets, channels or partners for our client

  • Define proposition for each of the of the above target groups

  • Define business development strategy and plan

  • Identify specific individual targets to approach in implementing the BD plan