Helping a Global Retailer Launch a Digital Bank


One of the top 10 retailers in the European Union targeting their over 6 million retail finance customers across their three major EU markets


  • Provided expert advice in the evaluation the acquisition of a digital wallet helping the client evaluate the pros and cons of the acquisition. As a result the client opted to pursue a more customised solution. 

  • Advised on the definition of the project onto two tranches: 

    • a personalised front-end

    • the selection of a suitable multi-functional banking platform.

  • Provided recommendations on the identification, selection and onboarding of the right design agency to build a bespoke digital and mobile banking offering.

  • Supported the firm in their choice of banking platform working with the client’s IT team. 



  • Providing a better set of alternatives to the acquisition of the wallet resulted in savings estimated in excess of €2m.