Partnering Accelerates The Pace Of Innovation


Innovation skills are scarce. Finding The Right Partner Is Fundamental. If in the past the list of suitable partners was short and well-defined, today businesses face many more choices than ever before. Whether a business is looking for an acquisition, a partner or a supplier, conducting a professional search is a key necessity

Pacemakers was created to help businesses accelerate innovation by finding the right firms to acquire, collaborate or partner with.

We provide our clients with the confidence of knowing that their decisions are well-informed, based on high quality ad-hoc research and supported by the experience of real change practitioners.

Our approach delivers results.



Our Process Yields Results

Pacemakers’ Method Mitigates the Risks, Delays & Costs Of Change

Our process is a well tested approach that matches an in-depth understanding of our customer’s needs with a clear, informed perspective of innovation in the market. Our objectives are to mitigate the risks of innovation, reduce delays and to minimise the capital investment required while delivering real value.

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We Are Different

Building The Future On Solid Foundations

All our partners have built and delivered digital change at some of the most innovative firms across the globe. In this process they have build and cultivated an extensive network that touches all aspects of digital change - from established global firms to innovative new businesses.

We complement our partners’ expertise with in-depth research to make sure every time we advise our clients we provide a curated whole-of-market perspective.


Core Principles

We Base Our Proposition On Four Pillars


Our unique capabilities are the result of bringing togther years of experience in leading transformational change in some of the leading global firms and an in-depth engagement with the emerging banking innovation and FinTech ecosystems.

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Our Perspective

We Have Strong Opinions


Unlike many other advisors we have opinions. And we like these to be challenged - so we often write articles and speak publicly.


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Our Engagements

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Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.
— John F. Kennedy